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I am new to working in Henley but have been overwhelmed by the community spirit surrounding the music festival. I cannot wait to find out what all the fuss is about!

The Henley Music Festival is now in its 5th year, each event has been a great success and brings together residents and visitors to the town and our hostelries, Great music and happy people. Music is magic and almost everyone enjoys the weekend. I am sure we will have another great Festival this week.

Everyone is welcome all ages a fabulous get together with some of the best music live, I love the buzz of it all, bring it on Henley woo hoo.

Happy days, Happy Families, Fantastic fun time for young and old alike, come along, bring your friends and family and join in the fun, laughing, eating, dancing,meeting old friends and new !Relax and Enjoy,the weekend.

A fantastic community event, our group ranged in age from 6 - 73 and lots in between and there was something for everyone, food, music and even Lego! This year our friends are coming from Coventry and I can’t wait to show off what a great festival our town puts on.

I was so poorly last year and could t attend my favourite local festival but just hearing the atmosphere out my window put a smile on my face! I can’t wait for it this year

I come along from Hockley Heath and I love the way people of all ages come together and have a good time. It brings people together, long may it continue.

What always stays with me in thinking about the Music Festivals is that there is such a happy excited atmosphere around the whole place. It is an uplifting experience to just wander between the different venues and soak it all up.

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